Can he survive? We follow this hapless young man on a faltering journey from his lowly birthplace to the House of Parliament in Westminster where he is surrounded by those totally alien to his culture.

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Catapult like Georgie had

Catapult of Georgie

Catapult of Georgie

The rhetoric training course in the Library of Zug was a great success. Before the lesson I quickly put on a similar sweater like Georgie  and I had my selfmade catapult with me. I’m sure Syd would hardly be able to distinguish myself from Georgie. I built the  catapult myself as I did in my childhood.
I red out the story with the broken ice, and then talked about Syd. A teacher of English said that she will use the book for her English language students. And one participant told me that before Christmas there is a public event in Zug, where stories are read in different places –  maybe Georgie & Spike could be read on this occasion? I enjoyed it very much to use the story of Georgie & Spike. Thank you! J.P., Zug, Switzerland – www.mastertraining.ch

Simply lovely. I have now told him the story to my two and a half year old grandson in German. Sometimes I braid one English word which he repeated with delight. He is fascinated by the drawings. He already points to the drawings and asks:  “What is it?”  The Georgie & Spike story has displaced the Heidi-Story from the pole position.  When will a video be available?
H.I.,  Switzerland
What a fascinating concept. Unique.  Our daughter Amanda, who is trilingual English/German/French, did enjoy to flip from one language to the other. Please let me know when the French version will be published. We have already bought some books as a gift for Christmas. H.T., Switzerland
Thank you that you have delivered the book. My son went to a school trip to Berlin, and all of his colleagues wanted to have this Englisch – German book  as well. He enjoyed to read a German book so easily. “Finally no school book”, he said.   L. S.,  UK
I find the concept of the bilingual bookseries Georgie & Spike in England  most interesting and wish there had been books like that when I was at school. I never learnt German, only French and Latin. I think there is a good demand for them in English Schools. John Hinson, UK
Georgie & Spike is really an amazing book. As my mother is still taking English classes and our twins Caroline and Alexandra are also taking English play and art courses, we really like and need this kind of books. R. M., Switzerland
Involved in teaching the English language to German speaking children in Switzerland,  I find this book is invaluable for teachers for the primary level. S. E., Switzerland
When is the next Georgie & Spike booklet available? Our grandson is pestering us for the continuation. Jan is 8 years old and is attending a special Masterclass for highly intelligent children.  As a sensitive child he likes the charming illustrations. It is amazing how a story can be instructive without being intrusive.  His English teacher has bought the book as well after he has seen it. C. and M. H., Switzerland
My stay in England as a professional nurse of small children is 40 year past. I have four children and  have therefore quite a great experience in story telling. The lovely drawings are so heartwarming. I admire the author who can write and draw so lovely. I incredibly did enjoy to read this book, although I needed to glance to the German text.  I cannot wait to become a grandmother and to pass this story on. U. E., Switzerland
I just read the Georgie & Spike in England book on my way back. It is a light and charming story for children and it is easy to read, not only in English but also in German. As promised I will present it to my friends, who are professionals of the publishing environment,  and will get you their feedback. A.D., France
I hope that the Georgie & Spike books will be translated into French or Spanish so that I can buy them for our daughter. I find the concept very interesting !  S. M., France
I am looking forward to translate the G&S book into my mother tongue Italian and will try to have it ready for next month when you come to Italy, ok ?  I read it on the train from Paris to Genoa,  and the only areas where I might need a little bit of reseach are the names of animals and plants. I cannot wait to show the translated book to the children of my friends in Italy and to see their bright and excited eyes. S. B., Italy
Georgie & Spike in England is a charming story of childhood adventure, friendship and courage, which will appeal to young and old alike.  The book is ideal for those trying to learn either German or English, with illustrations by the author to aid comprehension and provide visual examples of vocabulary in the text.  The Georgie & Spike book series would be a great addition to school libraries and for use in English resp. German language classrooms, and also ideal for children reading independently or for parents to read and enjoy with their children. K.R.,  Primary School Teacher – English as a Second Language Teacher (ESL), Director of Studies –  New Zealand/England
The ladies in the Senior Residence were excited when I read the Georgie & Spike in England book in German. I have integrated with some English expressions. Most of them do no speak English, but  their grandchildren are learning  English in school. The few copies of the book have been sold out right away.  Thank you very much for providing the powerpoint presentation with only the drawings. It is an exceptional chance to have the text and the illustrations. The lovely drawings on the large screen were breathtaking. The reading with the images on the wall were the highlight of the year for them. THANK YOU SO MUCH. K.T., Germany



I have read Syd Andrew`s latest book Lord Eric of Shed twice and still cannot decide whether the author is crazy – a genius or merely taking the piss. John Hinson, UK 

It is better that a wise man plays the foool, than a fool assumes intelligence. A.E. 

I really enjoyed the Lord Eric of Shed. Being a Yorkshire lass brought up in Sheffield I chuckled a lot over the characters and dialect. The drawings add a lot to the exciting and vivid book – they are so detailed and the  cover by another down to earth Yorkshireman, Percy Hope, depicts perfectly the background to the story. A.B., Yorkshire, UK