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Paved with good Intentions

Paved with good Intentions

Life, love, games, real ales, fights, dirty cash, dirtier videos and imaginative ventures. This
book tells the (almost) true tale of our times, describing how a hardworking band of pavers
progress from Pikies to respectability in the Kentish community.

ISBN 978-0-9556806-0-1
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Lord Eric of Shed

Lord Eric of SheIlliterate and penny less on leaving school, Daft Eric learns how to communicate via the sketchpad. Exploiting this gift he takes himself and the reader through a tongue in cheek journey from a miserable existence in his hometown to fame and glory in Westminster.

The author has illustrated this book with over 40 original drawings. The front cover has been created by the famous English painter Percy Hope.

Avaliable in English oder im Buchhandel.   ISBN 978-1-907499-76-0
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The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters A Family Saga A Swiss Family SagaA family saga based on the lives of seven Swiss Sisters chronicling their  progress, always interesting, sometimes even dramatic, between the years of World War II to present date.

A promising vivid story.

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Green for Danger

Four-year-old Freddy is a gifted child, already showing signs of becoming a budding scientist. A few years pass and, whilst exploring in a disused mine, Freddy accidently discovers some unknown chemical symbols. These compounds, when mixed correctly, produce a violent reaction with potentially devastating results. With conspiracy, theft, black-mail and murder, GREEN FOR DANGER has all the ingredients to keep you gripped throughout.
This intelligent and vivid book shows the far-reaching consequences of war. It contains 27 excellent illustrations by the author and is not only recommended for teenagers but also for adults.
ISBN 978-1-906710-59-0
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A Seagull in St. Moritz

A Seagull in St. MoritzHapless Will – retired teacher, widower and a supporter of the  Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, commonly known as the Seagulls – takes you on a rollercoaster ride that is far removed from his normal, mundane life when he decides to deliver an intriguing set of vintage collectables to an interested buyer in St. Moritz.
“This is a light-hearted read that will leave you with a smile on your lips and, just perhaps, a longing for a similar adventure of your own.”

ISBN 978-1-4092-9725-3 or Also available at any bookstore.