Green for Danger

Four-year-old Freddy is a gifted child, already showing signs of becoming a budding scientist. A few years pass and, whilst exploring in a disused mine, Freddy accidently discovers some unknown chemical symbols. These compounds, when mixed correctly, produce a violent reaction with potentially devastating results. With conspiracy, theft, black-mail and murder, GREEN FOR DANGER has all the ingredients to keep you gripped throughout.
This intelligent and vivid book shows the far-reaching consequences of war. It contains 27 excellent illustrations by the author and is not only recommended for teenagers but also for adults.
ISBN 978-1-906710-59-0
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Typical illustrations:

Spies, Green for Danger

Green for Danger - Chemical Vault

Green for Danger, The force,  Hand with knife

The ruins, Green for Danger, Syd Andrew

Green for danger, Was it murder? Syd Andrew, Railway,Freight wagons,goods wag(g)on

Green for danger, workshop, Syd Andrew

The Morris Mini with green smoke, Green for danger, Syd Andrew